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We help you set up your accounting systems, repair your accounts if they have been messed up by another bookkeeper or accountant, reconcile your accounts, and prepare management reports as well as work closely with your external auditors to prepare your final accounts.

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Are you a busy business owner who does not have enough time and needs someone to release you from the pressures of bookkeeping?

Is your business understaffed and do you need someone to reduce your workload? Have your accounts been messed up and you need someone to repair them?

Then, you are a business owner who needs an experienced bookkeeper who knows what they are doing?  

We repair your accounts, perform bookkeeping and help you set up your accounting systems.  Our team of experts will help you reconcile your accounts, prepare management reports and work closely with your external auditors.  Therefore, your final accounts do not leave un-reconciled and unprepared. 

Don’t make false economies by doing your own bookkeeping or keeping inexperienced or unqualified bookkeepers.  Firstly, doing your own bookkeeping can be very time-consuming.  Secondly, hiring inexperienced or unqualified bookkeepers can be disastrous resulting in costly rework or even penalties. 

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Online

Furthermore, bookkeeping is not just about recording transactions, but it is also about measuring and maintaining your business’s financial health. Importantly, keeping the tax ‘man’ happy is our priority.  For this reason, all transactions must be posted to their correct ledgers and reconciled.  Tax codes must be applied correctly.  

Additionally, it can be mortifying to discover mistakes uncovered months later by external auditors or tax officer.  Examples of incorrect records are unpaid proforma invoices that have been included in VAT returns, credit notes that have been posted as invoices, loans that have been treated as expenses, etc.

Why Choose Us?

If you outsource your bookkeeping to us, you will have peace of mind, leaving you to focus on building your business.  Not only we can set up your accounting systems  but also we can reconcile your accounts.  Furthermore, we can prepare management reports as well as work closely with your external auditors to prepare your final accounts.  Most importantly, we will repair your accounts and bookkeeping if they have errors as well as move incorrectly posted transactions to their rightful ledgers.  

Ultimately, we are an accounting and bookkeeping service provider thorough experience in performing:

sales and purchase account reconciliation

bank account reconciliation including Paypal and Amazon

other e-commerce card receipt reconciliation

We have worked in various industries including export and import, e-commerce, accounting services, real estate, and construction.

Furthermore, we communicate in English and Chinese Mandarin.  We are dedicated to ensuring that your accounts are done correctly, professionally and punctually. Whether you need someone to set up your accounting systems or to repair your messy accounts, feel free to contact us.

Above all, as a fellow member of the International Association of Bookkeepers, we are kept up to date with bookkeeping information. That means we adhere to the code of conduct and ethics to keep clients' data confidential.  

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Online

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Project: Accountant familiar with Xero and A2X to setup account for Amazon FBA UK selling & VAT returns

"Completed the job quickly and as required. Furthermore, Fran understood my problem and helped me solve it quickly. As a result, we communicated effectively until the job was complete. Recommended! "

J. Freedman

United Kingdom

Project: Bookkeeping on Visma Accounting (Dutch accounting software)

"After all, I have found the perfect service. Very Happy with the work and the out of the box suggestions."

N. Kitchner


Project: Sage Line 50 Accountant Plus - Accounting for UK Real Estate and Construction Company

"By all means, professional and quality services providers. Great work experience!"

M. Pinnecker


Project: Amazon Accounting Specialist Using Xero and A2X

“Great standard of work. Fantastic communication - project completed.”

I. Fennell

United Kingdom

Project: Xero Reconciliation

Surprisingly, Fransisca is very conscientious and diligent in her accounting work. Hence, She was able to help us in a last-minute sprint to make our VAT submissions ensuring that reconciliation was correct and accurate. Also, She gave feedback on the structure and recommendations of our account on improvements. In a word, thanks for your support Fransisca - very much appreciated!

D. Blenkinsopp

United Kingdom

Project: Year End Accounts & CT600 Filing

Firstly, working with Fransisca was absolutely fantastic. She was quick to deliver the company accounts and was extremely diligent and accurate with her work. Secondly, she also helped me spot and fix a few issues with the way I was doing my bookkeeping in Xero. As a result, it will make my life easier going forward! Thank you.

A. Davison


Project: Xero Bookkeeping and Accounting for UK & USA Companies

A fantastic accountant / bookkeeper, cannot recommend highly enough! Fran is diligent, communicative, clear, professional, and very good at what she does.
She has worked with us to get our finances in order and set up the business for success, and all with a smile and positive attitude. Absolutely brilliant, thanks Fran!

J. Barnett


Accounts Repair

In conclusion, we are most familiar with Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and Visma software applications. However, we can use whatever accounting software you use.

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