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About Link My Books

At Link My Books we are on a mission to cut through confusion.

The Link My Books Xero Amazon Integration automatically imports Amazon settlements into clear, understandable invoices inside Xero. This saves you (and your accountant) time on bookkeeping.

Amazon is well known to provide lots of confusing and complex reports. At Link My Books we want to take away that complexity, helping sellers to understand exactly where their hard-earned cash is coming from and going to.

Who is using Link My Books?

A broad variety of Amazon sellers from all over the world are using Link My Books to make their Amazon accounting more efficient.

Link My Books has also partnered with accounting firms and bookkeepers such who use the integration with their existing Amazon clients. These firms are highly experienced with Link My Books and understand the accounting complexities experienced by Amazon sellers.

Client testimonials


Link My Books is a lifesaver for importing Amazon transactions into Xero and handling all the different VAT scenarios that comes with. Great team and very helpful and quick to respond to questions. Thanks!


Outstanding app. Far superior to the previous 'solution' I used. I was able to sign up and integrate in a few minutes, and then add my accountant as a user. Simples! My accountant loves it, it's a MASSIVE game changer. I'm converted! Oh and the customer support is incredible.


Brilliant service and at a great price. If you are considering A2X then stop, and go with Link my books. Saved us 10+ hours per month of manual spreadsheet work.

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